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Cornflakes Crusted Grilled Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

I hope there is no age limit on loving grilled sandwiches for dinner.  To my beloved’s dismay at times, I love nothing more than grilled sandwiches or plain toasts with canned soup for dinner.  Men being men, it seems like the ideal men-approved dinners tend to revolve around plenty of carbs, meat and minimal veggies *sigh*. So in his eyes, grilled sandwiches and toasts belong to the snack category rather than main course. Fortunately for me, I have full control of the kitchen operation; unfortunately for him, he has to eat whatever the operator (me) produces. ;-)

Lamb Meatballs, Snow Pea Sprouts with Shacha Sauce

One of the perks of having a housemate from a country other than Malaysia is the opportunity to see what he/she cooks in the kitchen. Not that all  the housemates I had were good cooks but sometimes, you might be able to pick up a thing or two if  you open your eyes and observe carefully (and to close one eye (to some extent) when it comes to cleanliness or strange house guests for the rest of the time. Yep,  you can  say that’s my guide to live harmoniously with non-family members :P).

Anyway, one of the many rewards was the introduction to sha cha (沙茶) sauce. When the sauce first came to light, I have no idea what the sauce might contain. After all, the term sha cha has no indication of the ingredients as soy sauce and black bean sauce have.

Apron Couture

Apron is often an overlooked accessory in the kitchen.  Unless you are working in a commercial kitchen where wearing an apron is a must, how many of us really wear aprons while cooking at home?  That said,  I do own a plain, unappealing burgundy coloured one lying somewhere in my kitchen storage – a clear sign that I rarely wear it. Ooopsie!

As I was doing my usual round of online shopping, I came across a couple of fabulous aprons, so fabulous that are worthy to be an outfit on its own. I’ve always have this eclectic taste in clothes (some would say “wacky”) but I couldn’t help to draw myself to Faith – Caramel cocktail apron (outfit No.6). Imagine this: a plain clingy black dress and hide the potential after-a-big-feast tummy fancy it up with this gorgeous frilly apron; then, complete the outfit with a pair of towering Christian Louboutin Classic Black Stiletto pumps (ok, maybe a knock-off version!), oh so glamorous, eh???  (G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, yeah, G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S…. *Glamorous by Fergie playing in the background*)

Ok enough rambling from me. Before I continue to dream of turning my kitchen benchtop into a fashion runway, I’ve compiled some the collections which caught my attention. Enjoy! :D

1. Cheetah – Black & Gold (cocktail apron) from Heavenly Hostess, USD$80

2. Mod Martini (reversible halter apron) from Heavenly Hostess, USD$85

3. Deco Dot – Bib Audrey Apron from Agnes Ross, USD$32.95

4. Cupcake Provocateur Dainty Damask Apron from Little Betsy Baker, AUD $54.95

5. French Lace – Bib Mia Apron from Agnes Ross, USD$32.95

6. Faith – Caramel (cocktail apron) from Heavenly Hostess, $80

7. Cupcake Provocateur Too Cute To Cook Apron from Little Betsy Baker, AUD $54.95

8. Highland Fling Apron from Anthropologie, USD$32.00