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Lamb Meatballs & Lentil Rice with Garlicky Tahini-Yoghurt Sauce

Hello readers, I’m back. I miss all of you and I hope that I am not forgotten. :P

In the time of me missing in action, I have cooked this new dish for the 3rd time now and guess what I still can’t get enough of it!  I have made it to entertain my friends, quick dinner fix in the middle of work week and for packed lunches. Since this my new favourite dish on the block, I thought why not sharing it with  my readers on the blog. :)


Frugal Entertaining: Potato & Peas Stuffed Pastry

In a month’s time, we’ll start to shop for Christmas gifts and decorations and before that, there is Halloween and Thanksgiving. It’s hard to imagine that we are actually in the final quarter of the year and it makes me wonder where did all my time go?  Before I start making a list of gifts to hand out to friends and family and thinking about my New Year resolution, I have more pressing issue at hand – ENTERTAINING. Oh yes, I’m sure everyone has this love-hate relationship when it comes to entertaining guests.


(a) Catching up with friends and family

(b) Food and lots of it

(c) For once, I actually get tired of non-stop talking (to my other half’s surprise)

(d) Flaunt one’ s culinary skill or share your favourite recipes with people you love

(e) The possibility of leftovers :P


(a) The aftermath of entertaining – tidy and washing up (especially if you don’t have a dishwasher like me)

(b) The trickiness of cooking large quantity. Even with the recipes that you’re most confortable with, it can be difficult to maintain the same taste consistency as when you cook in a smaller portion.

(c) Depending the type of food and the number of people you are entertaining, it may stretch your budget a little.