Monthly Archives: October 2010

Randomness: The Spring’s Signature

Shots of my garden which is now overgrown by weeds and wild flowers. Possibly a weekend project to clear the weeds…if the weather permits.

Chicken Dumplings (Jiaozi)


Saturday is usually the day when I do my grocery shopping and hangout with my girlfriends. As it turned out to be a rainy Saturday last week, my girlfriend and I have decided to trade in window shopping for an afternoon of dumplings making. Rainy days do make people crave for soupy and steamy food. Since we don’t have Yum Cha / Dim Sim places in Orange, make-your-own dumplings is definitely on the card.

To me, dumpling making is not exactly fuss free.  Sure we now have the luxury of getting pre-made dumpling wrappers and mixing mince meat with some sauces and spring onions is no rocket science,  my personal hurdle in making dumplings is actually wrapping them. Yes, I’m Asian and I suppose to be good at it like high school calculus (disappointingly, I’m hopeless in both of them :( ).

Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca, sort of


Intending to expand my Italian home-cooked meals territory,  I have braved myself to attempt making spaghetti alla puttanesca. Despite the dish means whore’s spaghetti in English, I chose to stick to its Italian name than its literal name “spaghetti with anchovy and olives”. A little trick to make sure my husband was not reminded by the fact that there’s anchovy in the sauce. :P  

Being born and raised in Malaysia,  I’m no stranger to anchovies. In fact, my favourite snack was deep fried achovies (fyi:  the dehydrated anchovies and not the ones you used in this recipe) coated with chilli paste and toasted peanuts.  I know it may not sound delicious to some of you but believe me, it’s something you got to try for yourself in real life, and I bet you will grow to love it. :)