Monthly Archives: August 2010

Portobello Mushrooms Spaghetti Bake

You may wonder what on earth is Emily doing by showing us some ready-made frozen food?
Please don’t let my aluminium trays mislead you! Sure when food comes in a box (aluminium or plastic), the immediate impression one has is either the food is:-
(a) a frozen ready-made meal; or
(b) takeaway food
But do not worry, my portebello mushroom spaghetti bake is none of the above (plus it’ll defeat the purpose of writing a food blog, yes?). :P  It’s merely an evidence that  I hate washing dishes, the less dirty dishes the better.  

No Frills Dessert: Black Glutinous Rice Pudding with Coconut Milk Drizzle

Despite the title no-frills dessert, I can’t say that I make this rice pudding all the time. In fact, the last time I had this dessert was when I still called myself a teenager.

As I often move around places where there’s no Chinatown or Asian groceries are scarce (not by choice, of course), black glutinous rice is precious in my eyes. When my friend brought this dessert over to my potluck  party a couple of weeks ago, I was thrilled to reconnect with my teenhood favourite.


Coconut, Turkish Delight & White Chocolate Macaroons

I’m guilty as charged for neglecting my blog since last week.

My day job has been driving me crazy busy and unfortunately, I need to sacrifice some of my personal time to meet some work deadlines. Besides the lack of blog posts, my appetite has suffered as a consequence of  work-related stress. Anyway, I’m in serious need of taking a breather, as the saying goes ” all work no play makes Emily a dull lady” right?


Potluck Idea: Black Beef Dry Curry

I love eating with friends and family. I enjoy chatting over meals, the laughters, glass clinking and the overall lively vibe from eating with a room of people whom I love and cherish. Too bad, it doesn’t happen as regular as I have hoped due to varying work commitments and schedules.

I’ve been wanting to organise a potluck party inviting some new friends whom I met since moving to Orange. As you all know procrastination is the thief of time – it has been a good few months since my potluck  plan is in the works and I’m starting to feel a little embarrass for dragging it out that long. So, without further ado, I picked up a phone to make a few calls and finally, potluck party was actually happening!