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Licorice Allsort Slice

Regardless of age, candies such as  jelly beans, jelly babies and licorice  are hard to pass up. I love their sweetness, chewiness and of course, their vibrant colours that never fail to cheer me up whenever I am blue. 

I was craving for an ego boost in the baking department after flopping a tray of sponge cupcakes which I was experimenting, and  guess what? It just so happens to be my other half’s birthday cupcakes. Yeah, this is just great!

Grilled Chicken Thigh Fillets


When it comes to making marinades, I’m sure you all have your own secret recipes.     

I make no secret that I don’t have a fix recipe for marinades as I usually make them up as I go. So whenever I receive compliments on some of my successful made-up marinades, I somehow find it tricky to recreate the similar flavour afterwards.  (Uh duh, no recipe!)       

Cranberry Scones

I’ve been meaning to join Penny’s International Incident Scones Party, but I was like a couple of hours late. Oops. Anyway, my scones shouldn’t be penalised for my lack of time management and here goes:-

Scones – a well-known British export which I’ve begining to appreciate more after trying my hand at baking them. 

My first impression of  scones recipes is that I can easily bake these without a problem, especially after watching a how to video entitled “Jackie’s Scones” attached on Penny‘s post.   As it turned out,  I was very wrong. These little buggers may seem innocent on the outside, the process of baking them, on the other hand, is certainly hard to crack! My hat’s off to Jackie and those who make fantastic scones!