Licorice Allsort Slice

Regardless of age, candies such as  jelly beans, jelly babies and licorice  are hard to pass up. I love their sweetness, chewiness and of course, their vibrant colours that never fail to cheer me up whenever I am blue.  I was craving for an ego boost in the baking department after flopping a tray of sponge cupcakes which […]

Grilled Chicken Thigh Fillets

          When it comes to making marinades, I’m sure you all have your own secret recipes.      I make no secret that I don’t have a fix recipe for marinades as I usually make them up as I go. So whenever I receive compliments on some of my successful made-up marinades, I somehow find it tricky to recreate the similar flavour afterwards.  (Uh […]

Cranberry Scones

I’ve been meaning to join Penny’s International Incident Scones Party, but I was like a couple of hours late. Oops. Anyway, my scones shouldn’t be penalised for my lack of time management and here goes:- Scones – a well-known British export which I’ve begining to appreciate more after trying my hand at baking them.  My first impression of  […]

Potluck Idea: Black Beef Dry Curry

I love eating with friends and family. I enjoy chatting over meals, the laughters, glass clinking and the overall lively vibe from eating with a room of people whom I love and cherish. Too bad, it doesn’t happen as regular as I have hoped due to varying work commitments and schedules. I’ve been wanting to organise a potluck party inviting […]