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Sunny Side Up Eggs with Red Peppers & Smoked Chicken

For those who know me personally will know that I have a crazy tendency towards spicy hot food. For a start, I like to sprinkle chili flakes in all my pasta dishes and sneak fresh chilies into my meals whenever I can, much to my hub’s dismay. This morning, I woke up with an urge of having something spicy hot to kick start my day. However, my sanity tells me that I should give my tortured taste buds a good R&R as well as be considerate to my better half.


Braised Chicken Rice

This is one of the popular Taiwanese cuisines called ru rou fan (Chinese translation for salted pork rice). Neither am I from Taiwan nor have ever visited the place, my knowledge about the Taiwanese cuisines is mostly sourced from my former housemate (who is also a foodie himself) and the local variety shows.

I remember the majority of our conversation revolved around food (no surprise there!) and he often expressed how much he misses the food back home. For some time, I was under the impression that he misses his mum’s cooking but it was later revealed that he actually misses the street food in Taiwan. I was enlightened by the fact that not many Taiwanese do home cooking anymore as they are surrounded by cheap and healthy street food. In fact, I was told that some new apartments don’t even come with kitchens anymore.


Lamb Meatballs with Tahini-Yoghurt-Harissa Swirl

It’s often said that you’ll never forget your first: first love, first job, first paycheque etc. When it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, I shall never forget my first real love towards Mediterranean food from a cafe called Little Salama. Before moving to Orange, I have spent a couple of years in Hobart, Tasmania and in those times that I were there, I didn’t really make an effort to try out the food until the final year of my stay.

The reason? Risking to sound like a superficial foodie, I used to find the place very small (as I think it can only fit about 5-6 patrons at a time tops), the exterior looks a little run down and it only opens from 11.30am to 2.30pm from Monday to Friday. For a person who tends to eat at odd times, it’s pretty tight “window of opportunity” don’t you think?


Spicy Basil Chicken (Gka-Prow Gai)

Normally I have a “benchmark” dish whenever I go to a restaurant that I haven’t been before. Say if I go to an Indian restaurant, I’ll always pick malai kofta (potota balls with cottage cheese in rich creamy gravy) as my benchmark dish and spicy basil chicken if I go to a Thai restaurant. So far, I’m contented with my malai kofta find , unfortunately the same cannot be said with spicy basil chicken.