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Scrambled Black-Truffle-Infused-Eggs

Thanks to cooking reality shows such as My Kitchen Rules Australia and Iron Chef that I have been addicted to lately, strangely, I begin to exhibit some fascination towards truffle.

My closest encounter with truffle is at a fine dining restaurant where I had some pasta finished with truffle oil. Possibly the lack of refined palate, I somehow failed to distinctly identify the taste/aroma of truffle. Yes, I do realise the flavouring of truffle should be subtle and unfortunately, eating the pasta then did not stop my curiousity towards  the mysterious fungi.

Deep down I knew the only way to cut it is to use this highly prized and priced ingredient in my cooking.

Malaysian Chicken Curry (Coconut based Curry)

Coconut based curry

I was a picky eater when I was a child. Whenever my mum cooked “adult” food like stews and congee, I tend to pull a long face and reluctantly ate my meals. Like any child,  my little tummy only has room for nuggets, fries, burgers, sausages and lollies. Oh yes, I used to  obsess with all the bad food! Anyway, among the “adult” food that I hate, I was strangely drawn to my mum’s chicken curry. Maybe I’m drawn to the bright reddish-orangy gravy or the mysterious concoction of  spices,  but who knows? You will never know what goes through a child’s mind, right? :P

Roti Jala (Net Crepes)

Roti Jala (Net Crepes)

The literal translation of roti jala is “net bread” in Malay. Since they do not look anything like bread (well, at least the ones that we’re all accustomed to), calling them “net crepes” is more appropriate. One might ask why go through all the trouble of making the crepes lacy? I used to have the same thought so I have made the conventional crepes instead. And the result was not awful but not great. Somehow having a solid piece of crepe with coconut and turmeric flavouring  can be overpowering, so I deduce by making the crepes lacy will actually ease their richness in flavour.