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Fairy Bread

When I was schooling in Malaysia, rather than taking packed lunch from home, my lunches mostly came from my school canteen which were ridicously cheap (when I look back) and comparable to street food in Malaysia. On occasion, I caught ladies working from the nearby offices sneaked into my school canteen for lunch (despite against the school policy). How disrespectful eh? Anyway, the canteen consisted of 4 -5 food stalls selling food from sandwiches, air batu campur (shaved iced with syrup and jelly)  to nasi lemak (coconut rice with curry). It’s worth mentioning the hokkein mee (chilli prawn noodle soup) in my school was quite popular among residents in the area.  Hence, every recess time was like a trip down the hustle and bustle of Asian street markets.


Coconut Prawn Curry

When it comes to eating simple, aside from stir frys and fried rice, curries are next on my list.  I know there are people who are discouraged at the thought of making curries;  a long list of unheard of ingredients and the kitchen/house smelling like an Indian restaurant.  But on a positive note, I find curries are quite cheap to make and you can “curry”  almost anything  (pardon my questionable use of  English).  For instance, you can “curry” canned beans, legumes (case in point here), frozen peas, mushrooms, potatoes, meat and of course seafood.


Banana & Coconut Pancakes with Palm Sugar Syrup

Weekends are perfect for pancakes as you have the time in world to prepare teeny tiny pancakes. I love anything miniature for instance, cupcakes, mobile phone and coin purses. I like the cosy feeling of eating from a small bowl/plate and my childhood dream was owning a bakery called “Baby Bakery”.


Ricotta Kisses (Baci Di Ricotta)

It has been a turbulent week for me because my entire blog has to be deleted without a backup (here for more details). For the past couples of days, I have been working on re-establishing my blog layout and rewriting some of my past articles. Ok, the whole blog drama may sound painful but thankfully, it was not as bad as I have imagined. Anyway, I like to express my gratitude to all who are kind enough to leave me with words of encouragement. I really appreciate your comments!