Braised Chicken Rice

This is one of the popular Taiwanese cuisines called ru rou fan (Chinese translation for salted pork rice). Neither am I from Taiwan nor have ever visited the place, my knowledge about the Taiwanese cuisines is mostly sourced from my former housemate (who is also a foodie himself) and the local variety shows. I remember […]

Chickpea Curry

When food supplies are running low in the house, usually I am left with 2 options: (a) to order pizzas online or (b) instant noodles. Although both options do not require much effort, they don’t provide much health benefits either.  I was raiding my pantry for some quick meal ideas to discover that I have […]

Chocolate Pinwheels

Desperate times call for desperate measure. I was facing cookie drought during work week whereby I have no cookie left in the jar. Oh no! I needed my cookie fix real bad and driving out in the cold just to buy a packet cookies was definitely too troublesome. “Wheeling” myself to end the cookie drought, […]