Yesterday, I have received a Versatile Blogger Award from the talented Melissa at The Hungry Artist. Snippets about The Hungry Artist –  I often intrigued by Melissa’s creative take in food and what I like about her recipes are: they are very feasible, inspiring and needless to say, delicious! In addition, her creativity is not limited to food and recipes, she is also a writer and […]

Noodles with Chinese Kale & Shitake Mushrooms


I seldom have noodles for dinner when I was living with my parents. This is mainly because my dad considers rice-with-three-dishes- and-a- soup  is a proper dinner as compared to one pot of stir-fry noodles. In my household, we normally prefer to have noodles for breakfast and lunch instead of dinner. However since living away from home, I don’t remember the last […]

Grilled Chicken Nibbles with Homemade Tangy Barbecue Sauce


There’s nothing more fulfilling than cooking from scratch and it gives me the sense of achievement that makes the whole cooking experience more enjoyable. I’ve always wanted to home-make my most-frequently-used sauces – ketchup and barbecue sauce, for some time now. Although having said that, laziness has been the reason I’ve been procrastinating and resorting […]

Beef with Lemongrass & Chiles Stir Fry


When I first dabbled in the world of cooking, I used to rely heavily on pre-made stir fry sauces from the supermarkets. It makes cooking less intimidating as all I had to do was to cut up some fresh meat and vegetables, tossed them in the pan  with the pre-made sauce. No sweat.  Although each time the cooking process was almost identical, the results,on the other hand, […]