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Cinnamon Sugar-Crusted Walnut Banana Bread

It’s inevitable that every most food bloggers will blog  about banana bread recipes and it’s just a matter of time that my blog will touch on this subject matter.

Guess what, the time is now! :P

Banana bread is undeniably one of the most popular breakfast besides pancakes and cereals. Do you know it is one of the most searched recipes on Google?  Here in Australia, regardless which coffee shops I frequented, let it be Starbucks and Gloria Jean or family-owned ones, I always come across slices of banana bread stacking alongside brownies and chocolate cakes.

You know what, I’m not complaining. After all they couple fabulously with coffee and taste even better when toasted and slather with a thick coat of butter. Imagine the decadence of melting butter over the sweet cinnamonny and caramelised crust from the bread, how can one resist this for breakfast?


Yesterday, I have received a Versatile Blogger Award from the talented Melissa at The Hungry Artist.

Snippets about The Hungry Artist –  I often intrigued by Melissa’s creative take in food and what I like about her recipes are: they are very feasible, inspiring and needless to say, delicious! In addition, her creativity is not limited to food and recipes, she is also a writer and illustrator of children’s books (here to find out more about her work)

Anyway, I like to express my appreciation to this wonderful gift: Thanks, Melissa! :)

The joy of receiving this award also comes with: (a) sharing 7 random things about myself; and (b) presenting the award to my favourite bloggers.