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Sesame Glazed Sausages

The sausages were suppose to be our breakfast on the next day. Due to the sudden change  of  dinner plan,  I have decided to deploy my breakfast sausages a meal early by making turning them into sesame glazed sausages.  This recipe is inspired by Nigella Lawson’s cocktail sausages recipes and believe me, this make a wonderful side dish. :)


You can mess with recipes but not WordPress!

Dear readers, if you happen to click on the links (i.e from Foodbuzz, Foodgawker & Tastespotting etc.) to my site, I do APOLOGISE if you’re faced with a empty and spam-looking site.

To cut my story short, I have been trying to change some settings in WordPress and installing new updates etc. After a string of bad chain reaction, with a heavy heart, I have to delete my entire site and SILLY ME, I don’t backup all of my previous articles.

So I’ll be working on RE-POSTING some of my recent posts and in the meantime  I will  keep on ADDING NEW ONES. So be patient with me and seriously, I don’t wish this to happen to any bloggers out there.

Happy cooking & take care.