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Chocolate Hazelnut Cake Inspired by Ferrero Rocher

When it comes to gift ideas, I confess that I’m not really creative and always opt for safe gifts like chocolates. Perhaps this has something to do with my upbringing as my parents who usually prefer to treat my sister and I with either food or money. There is no doubt food is a welcoming gift to foodie siblings like ourselves. But as for money, my parents used to tell us:” It’s better if you get things you like rather we picked out something that you won’t like …” Very practical huh?


Pandan Sponge Cake with Shredded Coconut Frosting

When I woke up to a refreshing and sunny autumn morning (most importantly it was my day off), I was deeply engrossed by the colors of the trees outside my house. Before moving to Orange (NSW), I have been told that this place is very beautiful and scenic especially during autumn. After a couple months residing here, I reckon the name Orange couldn’t have been more perfect for this place in autumn.  Even though I had my occasional complains about the chilly temperature at night, it’s hard to resist admiring the changing colors of leaves as I was driving around the city.


Sesame Glazed Sausages

The sausages were suppose to be our breakfast on the next day. Due to the sudden change  of  dinner plan,  I have decided to deploy my breakfast sausages a meal early by making turning them into sesame glazed sausages.  This recipe is inspired by Nigella Lawson’s cocktail sausages recipes and believe me, this make a wonderful side dish. :)


You can mess with recipes but not WordPress!

Dear readers, if you happen to click on the links (i.e from Foodbuzz, Foodgawker & Tastespotting etc.) to my site, I do APOLOGISE if you’re faced with a empty and spam-looking site.

To cut my story short, I have been trying to change some settings in WordPress and installing new updates etc. After a string of bad chain reaction, with a heavy heart, I have to delete my entire site and SILLY ME, I don’t backup all of my previous articles.

So I’ll be working on RE-POSTING some of my recent posts and in the meantime  I will  keep on ADDING NEW ONES. So be patient with me and seriously, I don’t wish this to happen to any bloggers out there.

Happy cooking & take care.