Monthly Archives: April 2010

Lentil Curry (Dhal)

I was working overtime last night and was relieved that I was in time to catch the season finale of My Kitchen Rules. Not to watch a cooking show with an empty stomach (that’ll be the utmost torture!), I started to look around in my kitchen for something that I can whip up in between commercials.

After a couple minutes of rifling through my overcrowded pantry, I came to the decision of making a dhal curry using red lentils. Although it may not be the authentic way (I think it calls for yellow/brown split peas), I just love that these lentils do not require soaking overnight and they soften considerably fast when cooking.


Haloumi Cheese Platter (Quick Brunch Idea)

There’s something about serving food on a platter that exudes the wow factor. While others may dress to impress, I choose to cook to impress. When I am cooking for for my hub and I , I mostly opt for plain one dish meals. Once in a while, I think it’s nice to spice things up a little in our diet department and hence the simple haloumi and salad platter for brunch. There’s not much cooking and skills required really. All it takes is to put the ingredients together, a bit of pan fry action and voila, brunch is ready!


Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Pizza


“We live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police.” ~ Jeff Marder. 

I find it quite difficult to make pizza at home when it is only a phone call or a few clicks away. However, since my hub and I have been ordering pizza rather frequently of late, I have completely changed my thoughts about home made pizza. Striving to stray away from the generic pizzas that I have grown tired of, I’m hoping to make something a little more gourmet-esque. That’s where my smoked salmon and asparagus toppings come into play. Instead of going for the usual pizza base, I have “sized zero” the pizza base by using Lebanese breads to leave extra room for chocolate fudge ice cream for dessert.