Monthly Archives: March 2010

Childhood Memories (Rambutan, Custard Apple & Mangosteen)

Some food will conjure my many happy childhood memories. I was ecstatic when my local grocer stocked my favourite fruits from childhood. Nestled in a quiet corner like wallflowers (unlike the apples, pears and oranges which have already earned their spots in the limelight) I was thankful to have spotted them. Feeling ecstatic, I picked them up despite them putting a tiny dent in my wallet. My justification? A girl needs her indulgence every so often.

Anyway, for those who’ve never heard or seen my favourite fruits, I would like you to meet:-

Favourite Fruit #1: Rambutan

{Don’t let its sea urchin-like exterior scare you. It is sweet (but can be a bit sour) and I love its grape-like texture.}