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Thatched Lamb and Eggplant Pie

Yet, another mince meat recipe? What can I say, I love minced meat (hats off to the creator of mincer machine and my buther who handles the machinery).

I would normally prefer minced beef or chicken but lately, I was feeling a tad adventurous in the cooking department. You couldn’t imagine how many times I have gone back and forth with a tray of minced lamb from my shopping cart to the fridge at the local grocers. Ok, I have a good reason for being indecisive. I love eating lamb but only if it is cooked properly. The unpleasant gamey after taste when it was not cooked properly is too much for me to bear (sounding like a drama queen here!). Moreover, I was scarred from a series of bad experiences with my friends’ lamb dishes. Perhaps it’s a sign that I should look for friends who are better cooks? Well, because of these reasons I have this impression that lamb is difficult to cook.

Beef Mince Curry & Indian Fried Breads (Poori)

{Easy beef mince curry with fried breads}

It is a known fact that many of the white-collar workers are suffering from work related stress which can be physical or mental. It may be muscle pain, neck strain, migraines, Monday blues and etc. Right at this moment, I am suffering from Thursday syndrome which involves mental and physical exhaustion and excessive eagerness to finish my Friday off as quickly as possible. In effort to calm and revive my tired soul and body, I got to have my beef mince curry to jump start my drive. Using mince in replacement of diced meat saves a lot of my cooking time and personally, I reckon it tastes just as good.

Childhood Memories (Rambutan, Custard Apple & Mangosteen)

Some food will conjure my many happy childhood memories. I was ecstatic when my local grocer stocked my favourite fruits from childhood. Nestled in a quiet corner like wallflowers (unlike the apples, pears and oranges which have already earned their spots in the limelight) I was thankful to have spotted them. Feeling ecstatic, I picked them up despite them putting a tiny dent in my wallet. My justification? A girl needs her indulgence every so often.

Anyway, for those who’ve never heard or seen my favourite fruits, I would like you to meet:-

Favourite Fruit #1: Rambutan

{Don’t let its sea urchin-like exterior scare you. It is sweet (but can be a bit sour) and I love its grape-like texture.}